Our Story



 In 2011, Hylah Egeland (aka "The Barn Faerie") co-founded the first program in Napa, CA specializing in Aerial Silks. Wine Country Aerials opened at its current location in 2013, and since then, has been empowering students to utilize their strengths and breakthrough challenges for optimum training and continued personal achievement.  

ur dedicated team of instructors strives to connect authentically with each student and maintain a deep sense of belonging inside and outside of class time. Continual inquiry and assessment allow for ongoing improvement of our classes and programs, staying current in the aerial industry and with each other.   

We embrace each student’s starting point, and enable them to expand their confidence and skill set through strategic coaching, effective workouts and creative performances. At Wine Country Aerials, we pride ourselves on being inclusive and exuding that warm, cozy feel of a welcoming community.